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For nearly twenty years, Life Insurance Trust Company’s affiliate ITM TwentyFirst has provided independent and objective life insurance policy services, including business process services, for corporate trustees of irrevocable life insurance trusts. The ITM TwentyFirst companies formed Life Insurance Trust Company to provide successor trustee and fiduciary services while leveraging the knowledge and expertise of the ITM TwentyFirst family of companies.

When handling a specialty asset like trust owned life insurance, it makes sense that your corporate trustee understands and focuses on life insurance. Our trust officers are supported by ITM TwentyFirst’s experienced ILIT and life insurance professionals. These professionals include life insurance policy analysts and remediation specialists with over a decade of experience.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Tony McKillip
Tony McKillipPresident
Ralph Medici
Ralph MediciLongevity Holdings President - Financial Services
Kurt Gearhart
Kurt GearhartChairman of the Board
Kurt Niederloh
Kurt NiederlohBoard Member
Jordan Veurink
Jordan VeurinkBoard Member

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  • 5132 S Cliff Avenue, Suite 6, Sioux Falls, SD 57108
  • Phone: 888.320.9594
  • Email: info@lifeinsurancetrustco.com

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