Our Advantage

Life Insurance Trust Company has the tools, resources, and team to help you navigate the complexities of life insurance trusts and life insurance policies. Our single asset approach allows us to handle all aspects of irrevocable life Insurance trusts, from initial policy reviews to insurance proceeds collection, with dedicated fiduciary and customer service. All this, to support the trust goal of proceeds being available for future generations. Having Life Insurance Trust Company handle these tasks, takes this burden off you and your advisor, reduces the cost of administration, and allows your outside professional to focus on what they do best. We strive to be a great strategic partner.

Specialized Services

There is not another trust company that focuses solely on the management of trust-owned life insurance. Life Insurance Trust Company has developed business processes for the entire life cycle of a life insurance policy, including managing premium payments, notifying beneficiaries of insurance-related gifts, evaluation of policy performance, and annual reporting.


The reports created by Life Insurance Trust Company are designed to provide grantors, beneficiaries, and their advisors annual updates on the trust policies. Life insurance is not a static asset and tracking and adjusting a policy over time is critical to reaching a trust’s goals. Life Insurance Trust Company provides an Annual Policy Report with current information about each policy in the trust and a Trust Account Review that combines data on all of the policies in the trust in one concise report.


Our trust professionals are supported by proprietary technology developed for managing irrevocable life insurance trusts.

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