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How Our Advantages Help You

We specialize in one asset – life insurance. We have a cost-efficient, singular focus that saves money while providing superior service. Our specialized tools, resources and team allow us to successfully navigate the complexities of life insurance trusts, ensuring the asset in the trust is maximized for future generations.

By allowing our experts to handle your ILITs, you are relieved of the burden of handling this administrative task, freeing you and your team to focus on what you do best.

When you partner with us, our expert, fiduciary services support the goals of the trust, relieve you of the responsibility of the asset, and provide the enhanced customer service you would expect from a market leader.

We Are a Premier Corporate Trustee

  • Life Insurance Trust Company is Licensed and regulated
  • South Dakota situs to take advantage of progressive trust laws
  • We act as trustee in perpetuity
  • Life Insurance Trust Company is Supported by the largest ILIT back office in the country (Longevity Holdings)
  • Co-trustee arrangements are available
  • Because we do not sell life insurance, we are independent and objective

Grantors and Beneficiaries are Valued

  • Access to trust and policy experts

  • We work with client’s advisor to reach client’s goals
  • We have competitive trustee fees
  • Each trust is assigned a Trust Officer and insurance specialist to help you navigate the complexities of TOLI

Delivering Expert Insurance Trust

  • Proven administrative processes and procedures

  • Efficient and timely gift and Crummey letter distribution

  • Trust document review

  • Extensive document storage
    • Legal documents
    • Insurance policies
    • Gift and Crummey letters
    • Client and Advisor communication
    • Policy illustrations
    • Annual statements
    • Account statements

Unparalleled Policy Protection and

  • Comprehensive annual policy review and report

  • Continuous monitoring and policy remediation

  • Longevity and life expectancy analysis

  • Insurance premium optimization

  • Cost of insurance increase experts

Welcomed Advisor Engagement

  • Strategic partnerships and alliances

  • Efficient trust approval and acceptance

  • Copies of trustee and client communication

  • Remediation request notification

  • Term conversion reminder

  • Notice of life settlement potential

  • We work with Advisors on policy comparison and replacements (if needed)

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