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Our Services Benefit YOU

We are unique. We are the first and only trust company focused exclusively on life insurance trusts; we tailor services to your needs and go beyond typical corporate trustee duties.

  • A member of the Longevity Holdings family of companies, our 20 years of independent life insurance services provides you with unparalleled policy guidance.

  • Since providing fiduciary services for irrevocable life insurance trusts is our sole business, our focused team of experienced professionals provides you with an advantage when managing these unique assets.

  • By building a solid relationship with you, we can understand your needs and maximize the value of your life insurance trust.

Your Advantage

Our tools, resources, and team allow you to navigate the complexities of life insurance trusts and life insurance policies.

  • Life insurance is not a static asset. Tracking and adjusting a policy over time is critical to reaching your estate planning goals. Our Annual Policy Report provides you with up-to-date information about each policy in your trust. Our Trust Account Review combines all of the data on your trust policies in one concise report.
  • By locating in Sioux Falls, we provide you with all the benefits from South Dakota’s progressive trust laws.
  • Our trust professionals are supported by proprietary technology developed exclusively for managing your irrevocable life insurance trusts.

How We Manage Your ILIT

We navigate the complexities of your life insurance trust, maximize the asset’s value, and uphold the obligations to you and your beneficiaries.

  • Our fiduciary duty is to you and your beneficiaries.
  • We take the time to understand your trust goals to maximize the trust asset’s value.
  • We are part of your estate planning team and work hand in hand with your attorney, CPA, and other financial advisors.

Successor Trustee Services

Life insurance is a particularly complicated asset to manage without specialized systems, processes, and procedures, along with an experienced staff trained to manage the asset and administer the trust. For this reason, banks, trust companies, and advisors benefit from having Life Insurance Trust Company become their successor trustee for insurance trusts.

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