We Partner With Advisors

Advantages of Partnering With Us

When you partner with Life Insurance Trust Company, you will spend less time worrying about your client’s ILIT and more time focusing on other client needs. You will have a team working with you to maximize the value of each policy and trust for your clients and their beneficiaries. When the ILIT funds, you will receive notice and have the option to bring the trust back for asset management.

We Offer Resources for Advisors

Resources for Advisors

We Are Laser Focused

  • Life Insurance is the only asset we manage
  • We do not compete for your other business
  • No other assets are required to work with LITCO
  • We will alert the advisor when a policy funds

Independent & Objective

  • We do not sell insurance
  • Non-biased reporting
  • Conflict free
  • Advisor centric

Insurance Policy Experts

  • Annual policy reports save on your back-office expenses

  • Policy remediation services are available to manage policy

  • Our experts provide needed guidance to grantors and beneficiaries

  • Advisor engagement is encouraged. Teamwork is stressed

Unmatched Value

  • Fees are below market average
  • Increased revenue potential for advisors
  • Our experts manage the asset for you

We are Chartered in South Dakota

  • Lowest state premium tax
  • No state income tax
  • Top rated privacy statutes
  • No rule against perpetuity (RAP)

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