Directed TOLI Trusts – the Good, the Bad and the Best Solution

Updated 11/26/19 Originally posted 10/1/18 After over a decade in the TOLI (trust-owned life insurance) business, we are aware of trends that come and go. One trend we are seeing more and more lately is the use of directed TOLI trusts. Directed trusts divide the responsibilities of the trust into two distinct tasks – administration and asset management. Directed trusts are not new in the industry. Once, all trustees retained full authority over both the administration of the trust and the management of the trust asset, but as the trust and financial services world evolved, responsibilities blurred. Today it

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The Many Reasons to Hire a Corporate Trust Owned Life Insurance (TOLI) Trustee

Life insurance is an important investment. Trust-owned life insurance policies are inherently significant sums of money and therefore it's vital that they're managed appropriately.  Policies of a million dollars or more are common: many policies are valued at tens of millions of dollars. So why is it that these policies are often treated with less care than other investments? Some grantors, hoping to save money, look to a non-professional trustee, usually a family member or friend, or a professional (attorney, CPA, advisor) they already have a relationship with. These people are not trained to act as a trustee, and

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Life Insurance Based Dynasty Trusts Provide Much More Than Just Tax Advantages

Life insurance trusts today have lost some of their allure with the raising of the federal estate tax exemption amount. However, a specific type of life insurance trust can have much more than just tax advantages – advantages that last for generations. Most of us have read stories about the dissolution of family wealth over a generation or two. This can occur for several reasons, mostly because the family capital is not replenished because of bad business decisions or personal financial mistakes. There is a tax-advantaged vehicle that can leverage the current high tax exemptions for high net worth

Survey Points Out Why Family Offices Are Looking to the Life Insurance Trust Company as a Partner for Their Clients’ Life Insurance Trusts

The family office space has grown dramatically in the last few years. Today, there are over 2,300 family offices that have a minimum of $50 million in assets, which is up 23% from just a year ago. (1) The industry is exploding. These family offices provide a wide array of services to their clients, including the implementation of life insurance strategies as an impactful part of the estate plan, a high priority among the ultra-high net worth clients these firms cater to. According to a survey of 366 multi-family offices, nearly four out of five are outsourcing life insurance

Insurance Trusts – Are Your Clients in Good Hands?

The single largest personal investment for couples between thirty and sixty years of age is often their personal home.  The mortgage payment on a $400,000 home is $2,416 a month, the national property tax rate average is 1.19%, and the average homeowner insurance cost is $2,300.  When you look at the total investment over the span of 30 years, it is substantial. By comparison, our clients who have irrevocable life insurance trusts will make similar or greater investments between ages sixty and ninety as a part of their estate and succession plan.  According to ITM Twentyfirst Services and the data collected

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