Top life insurance advisors – those who are Top of the Table or Forum 400 producers or aspire to be – do things a bit differently than other life insurance agents. They spot trends before others, see opportunities where others don’t, and create advantages for their practice whenever they can. That is why so many are looking to the Life Insurance Trust Company as a home for the trust-owned life insurance (TOLI) policies they place.

There are 5 reasons why top producers look to the Life Insurance Trust Company (LITCO):

  1. Like today’s top producers, the professionals at LITCO are specialists. It takes years of working with a product to become an expert, and LITCO has the legacy needed to provide advisors with the assurance that their client’s policy will be well cared for. LITCO is an affiliated company of ITM TwentyFirst, the leading in-force policy management firm in the country. They provide the engine that runs the trust company – a well-oiled back office that is focused on one asset only: life insurance.
  2. LITCO does not compete with your other business. We are focused on life insurance policy management only. We do not sell life insurance and are not interested in managing other assets or investments. So, when your client becomes our client, we will focus on managing their life insurance trust only, leaving you to control the other assets. Rest assured that we will never approach them for additional business.
  3. We provide the grantor (and you) with continuous policy monitoring and annual policy reviews based on the information and parameters you and the client provide. We alleviate the back-office hassle and the cost of dealing with the carriers, and we offer a complete review that tracks policy progress without any effort or expense on your part.
  4. We provide policy management services not offered at any other trust company in the country. Because we are experts in the field, we can provide life expectancy reports and premium optimization strategies that can potentially lower the funding costs for your clients. Our remediation team will work with you on any policy issue or changes, gathering all the necessary in-force ledgers from the carrier to develop alternative strategies if trust goals change. We will also work with you on any policy replacements, if warranted, to ensure the new policy is suitable and efficient for the trust.
  5. We act as a partner with advisors to maximize the value of the policy and trust for the beneficiaries. We understand your time is important, and we attempt to make every step in the process as effortless as possible. We value strategic alliances, and for those marketing organizations or producer groups who wish to have a formalized experience, we welcome the opportunity to build a more significant relationship.

For more information reach out to Leon Wessels at or 605.574.1703.