• Equity Index Universal Life is a popular permanent life insurance product that can be complicated for TOLI trustees.

Equity Index Universal Life – An Issue for TOLI Trustees?

The Equity Index Universal Life (EIUL) policy is a popular permanent life insurance product and is often seen as the star of the life insurance market. This type of policy offers the potential for stock market gains without the risk of loss. The insurance carrier often credits the policy with the positive return of an

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3 Reasons to Outsource Your TOLI Trusts

Currently in the trust-owned life insurance (TOLI) world, we have sailed into a perfect storm of issues that make outsourcing your TOLI trusts more compelling than ever. There are plenty of articles on the varied reasons for outsourcing. And all, or at least the majority, of them are valid. Here are three stand-out reasons to

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The Many Duties and Responsibilities of ILIT Trustees

Trusts have long played an essential role in estate planning for many individuals and families.  The assets held in trust can vary from real estate to stocks, bonds, insurance policies, jewelry, and other collectibles.  This deep-dive will focus on trust held life insurance policies, which can be considered a special asset class. For some, trust

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