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Life Insurance Trust Company is an approved Strategic Partner for Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management

Advisor Support Materials

Guide: Getting Started with Life Insurance Trust Company

This guide will help you understand the process of getting started with Life Insurance Trust Company, including:

The process for new trusts
The process for existing trusts


Considerations for Naming Life Insurance Trust Company as Your Trustee

Name Guidelines

Recommended guidelines when drafting trusts that name LITCO as your fiduciary.


Grantor Brochure

This brochure details the services offered to grantors by Life Insurance Trust Company. Included topics cover:

  • Services offered
  • An explanation of who we serve


Sample Annual Policy Review

Sample Trust Account Report

Crummey Letter Preview

Sample Crummey Letter

Advisor Advantages

The Advisor Advantages document highlights the benefits advisors realize through a partnership with LITCO.


Fee Schedule

For a full fee schedule,
please call us at 888-320-9594
or email us

White Papers | Handbooks

The TOLI Handbook

The TOLI Handbook will help you answer tough questions such as:

  • What is more important when a trustee makes a decision about a policy, the outcome or the process?
  • What is one of the biggest mistake trustees make with term life insurance?


When Naming Your ILIT Trustee, Did You Make the Easy Decision or the Right Decision?

Sometimes the worst decisions we make are made because of two reasons – first, they are easy to make and second, the decision does not cost us anything – we can make that decision without incurring a cost. Nowhere is this more evident than in the naming of a trustee for your ILIT.


An Insider’s Guide to Minimizing Liability and Maximizing Client Value

Life insurance is a peculiar financial instrument that requires specialized knowledge and
expertise. Over the last decade or two, the management of this asset class has become
increasingly more difficult.


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