Now Is a Good Time for TOLI Trustees to Talk to Their Clients

An online survey about life insurance found 33% of life insurance policy owners do not understand how their policy works. (1) The other 67% probably think they know how it does, but I imagine they would appreciate a refresher lesson on how it actually works. Even if they do understand how it works, do they [...]

Directed TOLI Trusts – the Good, the Bad and the Best Solution

After over a decade in the TOLI (trust-owned life insurance) business, we are aware of trends that come and go. One trend we are seeing more and more lately is the use of directed TOLI trusts. Directed trusts divide the responsibilities of the trust into two distinct tasks – administration and asset management. Directed trusts [...]

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The Life Insurance Trust Company Process

In our last post, we highlighted the fact there finally is a solution for those TOLI trustees that share a common problem - orphan trusts - life insurance trusts with grantors who have no other business relationship with the bank or trust company. That solution is Life Insurance Trust Company (LITC), an affiliated company started [...]

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Life Insurance Trust Company Completes Bulk Transfers of Life Insurance Trusts

Establishes unique and proven process to transfer ILITS from Banks and Trust Companies Sioux Falls, South Dakota, September 18, 2018: Life Insurance Trust Company (LITCO), the only trust company focused exclusively on life insurance trusts, recently completed two court approved bulk transfers of life insurance trusts. The financial institutions involved moved portions of their Irrevocable [...]

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